Build Your Money Muscles

 Welcome to Build Your Money Muscles!Central Vermont Community Action Council
Micro Business Development Program
327 US Route 302, Barre, VT
Build Your Money Muscles 

is a program that will gently guide you through the process of developing healthy financial habits, changing your financial consciousness, and creating a more abundant lifestyle.
By the end of these workshops you will
  • Know where your money goes because you tracked it everyday.
  • Learn how to plan a budget you set.
  • Request a copy of your credit report and know how to read it.
  • Know how to establish credit if you do not have any.
  • Begin to repair your credit if that needs to be done.
  • Start a savings account and/or a checking account.
  • Locate and file all your important documents in one convenient place 
 You will also have opportunities to practice  

    • Positive Communication
    • Framing your message so people will listen
    • Conflict management
    • Leadership
    • Community connections
    • Advocacy, or sticking up for yourself.


Jan. 26: Overviewor call 877-322-8228.Feb. 2: Values

of the weeks we will be together. Fill out some paperwork, get to know each other! Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals. How do we talk about money with our family? Family budget. Income. Expenses. Who gets to say where the money goes? Request your credit report from
What is important to you? Discover your Money Personality! We will map out our life-time line and our money line.

How are we doing so far? Tracking spending. How to read a credit report. What is on it…are there errors or omissions?

Keep Your Identity.
Avoid being scammed and protect your identity. What’s private information and what’s public

Feb. 9: Develop a spending plan playing the Bean Game.
How does your family make financial decisions?

Difficult Conversations
about money with family; with creditors. How to have them without losing your cool.

Feb. 16: Checking Accounts.
How they work. Debit cards. ATM cards. On-line Banking. Time lines to know so we don’t overdraw our accounts. Overdraft protection.Savings accounts Credit Unions and Banks.

Personal Records
How to set up files for important documents. What to keep, how long to keep it. How and Where do you get copies of important documents if you do not have them.




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